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Our Trading Policies

Welcome to Bambooty. We make choosing nappies simple and easy.


All prices on this website are in GBP. Any reference to "£" is to an amount in English currency.

Most Bambooty products do not require us to include VAT, those that do, have the VAT included in the price listed online. 

How to Order

1. Shop online at the Bambooty Real Nappies website by completing a secure online transaction with via Paypal with debit or cedit cards, bank transfer, or gift card. Please note bank details for payment by direct deposit on your online invoice.

2. To purchase Bambooty products simply select the product you need from the drop down menu on the home page. Within the products and/or packages select the size and colour (or style) you desire and click “add to basket”. To see the various colours simply click on the corresponding nappy icon to change the photo colour.

3. To complete your order click on “check out”.

If you need any assistance in placing an order please contact us on [email protected] or by watts app +61424573773.

Payment Options

We currently accept Paypal Payments, bank transfer or credit card over the phone at an agreed time. Please email or send a watts app message if you need to pay via phone. 

Legal Disclaimers

You acknowledge that all measurements are approximate and that the reproduction of colours is as accurate as the photographic and production process will allow.

We appreciate it if customers inform us of any damage or defects in goods within 7 days of receipt.

We have used our best efforts to ensure that Bambooty products are safe and healthy for your child. We, however, expect a common sense and intelligent approach from our customers when using our products. The customer is responsible for determining whether a particular product is fit for use. If a customer installs any additional implements including but not limited to, safety pins, hooks, sewing pins onto our products we accept no liability from any damage caused by such implement. We strongly discourage installing additional implements to our products.